Blackjack Basic Strategy for Online Casinos

You may have already noticed, by reading in this website, how much we insist in claiming the importance of following the charts to play blackjack in the best possible way.

The charts have been made to advice the best, strategically and mathematically, possible games with the best chances of winnings.

As the plural word suggests, the charts are more than one. This because the best strategy for every version of blackjack presents variations more or less slight and therefore each version of blackjack has its own specific chart.

How can you understand to which version of blackjack are you playing? Simple. On the lobby of every casino, before starting the game, you can read the characteristics of the version of blackjack that is used.
The only data you need to find the scheme you are looking for are the number of decks used and if the dealer HIT CARD or STAND on soft 17.

These are the charts for the following versions of Blackjack: