Instructions and notes for the symbols in Blackjack Charts

Compare the sum of your cards to those of the first column (under your hand).
From 8 to 17 it is indicated the sum of two cards not equal and without ace.

If the sum is inferior to 7, you must always ASK card.
If it is superior to 17 hard (that is without ace) you must always STAY.
If in the couple of cards there is the ace the referring scheme goes from A,2 to A,8.
If the sum is superior to 19 soft you must always STAY.
If you have two equal cards instead, look to the last part of the column.

The first row in the top (under “dealer’s card”) indicates the card uncovered of the dealer.
The result indicated by the crossing of the row and the corresponding column indicates the move you must do.

  • H = hit card.
  • S = stand.
  • D = double if allowed, else hit.
  • Ds = double if allowed, else stand.
  • P = split.
  • H/P = split if double after split, else hit.
  • S/P = split if double after split, else stand.
  • D/P = split if double after split, else double.
  • R or H/R = surrender if allowed, else hit.
  • Rs or S/R = surrender if allowed, else stand.
  • Rp = surrender if allowed, else split.