Blackjack strategy charts for RTG casinos

For versions of 2 or more decks blackjack

The following charts have been made to play with the best possible strategy to blackjack in 2 decks and 4 or more decks versions in the casinos that use the software RTG (Real Time Gaming).

Many RTG casinos have some blackjack versions available, but usually they have primarily only these versions.

On the side of the chart you can find a summary of the rules they usually have. The instructions and the notes of the symbols are in this page.
In the event that you would like to play another version of blackjack we suggest you to look to the most accurate scheme among the availables.

These charts are excellent with these rules:

  • 2 or 4 decks
  • dealer hits card on soft 17
  • the doubling after a split is permitted
  • surrender option can be allowed or not

The remaining rules are standard.
Here the instructions and the notes of the symbols.

The house edge is:

  • 0.34%, for 2 decks with surrender option
  • 0.40%, for 2 decks without surrender option
  • 0.49% for 4 decks with surrender option
  • 0.58% for 4 decks without surrender option.