Online Casino Strategy: play the Bonus

Strategy to earn with online casinos: The guide to win at online casinos thanks to the bonuses

You have certainly noted that the expression “earn with casinos” and not “win” appears often on the website.
It is not an error and if you keep reading you will soon understand. You will understand that betting your own money and hoping on luck is wrong, when you can play without risking to lose money thanks to the bonuses the casinos offer.

The system is really simple: you register on those casinos that offer a free entry bonus and after you collected the winnings you deposit them on other casinos that this time offer a bonus on the deposit and so on.

With this strategy you don’t just play and earn a lot, but most important of all there is no risk of losing your own money because you will never use any!

Strategy Instructions

Step by step instructions of the system to win with the casinos.

  1. Open a virtual account. The first thing to do is open, if you don’t have one already, a virtual account with Neteller or Moneybookers. These two are electronic wallets (like PayPal) which allow you to put and receive money very fast from online casinos, with little cost and in total security without using credit cards nor cheques. Neteller is used by the 99% of the casino, and it is therefore the best advice.
    Many casinos also accept credit cards as Visa or MasterCard to collect and to pay.
  2. Registration to a casino with no deposit bonus. With no deposit bonus we mean a sum of money granted by the casino to the new player, without obligation of payment. The first step is to register in this kind of casino.
    To register you must first download the software (4-5 MB) from the casino’s website, install it and register as “player with real money” by filling all data requested. It is mandatory to insert real data or else you won’t be paid in case of a winning. We suggest to open a specific e-mail account if you don’t want to receive promotional messages on your main e-mail.
    As last step you must choose ID and PASSWORD.
  3. Wait the accreditation of the bonus. Once you have completed the registration you will immediately receive the bonus in a 24 hours time, depending on the casino.
  4. Play the bonus. Play the bonus, possibly at Blackjack (following this strategy) or else at the Roulette by betting on red/black or odd/even. But Blackjack remains the best choice.
    If you play well and you are not unlucky, once the conditions are met, which may vary depending on the casino but usually consists in reaching a minimum sum or betting a certain amount of times the bonus (“minimum bet conditions”, “playthrough” (pt) or “minimum wagering requirement“), collect the sum you won.
    After some hours or days depending on the casino the winning will be accredited on your online account (see point 1).
    In many cases you will lose but do not lose your heart, after all you didn’t lose anything as the money were granted.
    No matter whether you won or lost, pass to another casino which granted a no deposit bonus in order to accumulate more money and experience. But beware, play with no rush, the no deposit bonuses are not unlimited and once used they’ll be gone forever!
  5. Play again the money won in the casinos that offer the deposit bonus. Once you have accumulated at least 50-100$ in your virtual account, register to a casino which offers an excellent bonus on the deposit, that is a bonus granted to you when you pay money in the casino. Usually a good bonus doubles at least for the 100%.
    Even this time you play (always possibly to the games we suggested) until you haven’t met the wagering requirements and collect the winning.
    By continuing to play well and with some luck the first 50$ may turn into 500$!
  6. Cashed the winning, play it again on another casino. And so on, after a while you should have earned a good sum of money.
  7. Collect the earned sums. Obviously when you will repute it appropriate, you can collect from your Neteller or MoneyBookers online account the sums earned through rebate, cheque, on prepaid credit card (as MoneyBookers does) or you can ask for the special debt card of Neteller.
    It’s gonna be the best moment, especially when you think that you starter without risking a buck of your own.

If you have any questions or doubts, please visit the F.A.Q. section or the glossary.

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