Best Cashable Blackjack Bonus

Following the list of the best deposit bonus that allow to cash the bonus and to play online blackjack to satisfy the minimum wagering requirements.
These two characteristics are very important and make this typology the best among the deposit bonuses.

But what do the expressions cashable bonus and valid blackjack to satisfy the minimum wagering requirements mean?

Cashable bonus means that once you bet bonus and/or deposit as many times as it is requested (minimum wagering requirements or playthrough or pt) you will be able to collect all together the deposit and with the winnings also the bonus that was given at the start.

Valid blackjack means that you can play blackjack to fulfil the playthrough. As the blackjack is one of the most favourable games, some casinos do not permit to play it when they grant a bonus. It is not the case of the casinos listed here.

A strategy that usually may be adopted to play this type of bonus is that of doing small bets at blackjack (following the blackjack strategy) or other favourable games, to fulfil the playthrough without having to take too many risks and so “defend” the bonus to later collect it.

Best Online Casino Welcome Bonus on first deposit

A welcome bonus is a bonus, a gift in money that some online casinos grant to players who deposit a certain quantity of money.
This type of bonuses are essential to continue to augment your capital after you won the first money freely by using the no deposit bonus as described in our strategy.

In this website we distinguish the various deposit bonus into 4 types:

  1. Deposit bonus with bonus cashable and valid blackjack to satisfy the minimum wagering requirements.
  2. Deposit bonus with bonus NON cashable (known in slang as sticky bonuses).
  3. Bonus with deposit where blackjack is not a valid game to satisfy the minimum wagering requirements.
  4. ezBonus Microgaming.

You will probably ask yourself why this distinction, that is not made by any other website.
The answer is simple: on this website we don’t want just to write a “list” of bonuses, but we also want to offer the opportunity to play and use them in the best possible way.
And play a deposit bonus with cashable bonus is rather different than play a bonus at blackjack or another game.

To give you an example (to better understand how to play the various bonuses visit the corresponding sections), if we should play a cashable bonus our target would be doing small bets, trying to risk the least possible and so managing to “defend” the bonus and bring it home.
While if the bonus won’t be cashable, the game must unavoidably be more aggressive.

The division into categories is also useful for a more practical consulting, especially for those among you who want to play particular typologies of bonus.
To know more about the various typologies of deposit bonus and how to play them we advice to look to the corresponding pages.

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No Deposit Casino Bonus: the best free signup bonuses

A no deposit bonus is a free signup bonus, a gift of welcome in free money that some online casinos grant to new players.

The main characteristic of this kind of bonus is that there is no need to deposit and bet your own money.
This type of bonuses are the key to start playing without spending any of your own money, as it is described in our strategy.

As much free but slightly different in their dynamic are the free hours bonus, about which you can find more and useful info in this page.

In the following list of the best no deposit casinos bonuses, to each bonus corresponds the explanation of the conditions to gain it and play it, but we suggest that before you start to play to read all the terms and conditions of the bonuses of any casino.

In the column strategy we report the link to the list that will explain to you the best strategy to play blackjack depending on which version of blackjack you want to play and on which the casino software is.

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Free Play Casino Bonus

A free play bonus is a free bonus that does not need the deposit that some online casinos grant to new players.

But it differs from the usual no deposit bonus for some peculiarities.
The procedure is really simple: the casino grants a sum of free chips that will have to be played on a reduced version of the casino itself. It will be possible to transfer the winnings (excluding the free chips) on your real account.
To try to win you have at your disposal one hour (from this the name free hour play).

Usually the general conditions consist in doing at least 100 plays (for example 100 hands at blackjack or 100 bets at the slots or any other game). The money you won will then become normal bonuses and to collect them you must fulfil the normal wagering requisites.

In the following list, for each bonus we briefly explain the conditions to obtain it and play it, but we suggest before starting to play of reading all the terms and the conditions of the bonus of each casino.
This type of bonus is important to start playing without spending anything as it is described in our strategy.

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